Exclusively Mobile Massage Therapy! Driving after a massage steals a bit of your bliss! Stolen bliss is wasted money....wasted money causes stress....stress causes you to need another massage. It's a cycle you can break - try therapeutic mobile massage by Best Austin Massage! More on my Massage Perspective 


Because over my 20+ years as a massage therapist I have developed my own style, which is unique blends of accumulated knowledge and experience, combined with my innate sense for tuning into a person’s energy levels, stress points and its effects on my clients . . . More on Why Best Austin Massage

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Massage In Austin

Day Spa or
In-Home Massage Therapy?

<pPersonalized In-Home Therapeutic Massage

Best Austin Massage In-Home Massage Therapy answers the questions “Do I have to get up?” (Just roll off the table onto your sofa) and “Can I just stay here?” (Sure can, you’re home.).

Convenient, Relaxing, Economical.

After a massage do you really want to: Drive? Walk to your car? Face the public? Release even a single iota of your massage bliss by doing any or all of these things? No, of course not! With in-home massage there is no need, you can immediately relax at home.

Sounds great, but probably expensive, right? Wrong! Great – yes, expensive – no! At $75 for 60 minutes, $100 for 90 minutes & $125 for 120 minutes; I believe you will find my prices very affordable.

Home is Where You Lay Your Head.

Visiting Austin, staying in a hotel? Traveling can be stressful, even exhausting. I can relax travel weary muscles, soothing anxiety and easing tension. Have trouble sleeping? Many people experience insomnia while traveling. Massage can help you sleep (even in a strange bed).

What Actually Means More to You – Being Trendy or Being Yourself Again?

Avoid the temptation to give in to trendy where your body is concerned. A trendy or luxury day spa does not guarantee a great massage experience. If you buy product, you can have a bag with their logo on it though…

Keeping Austin Weird:

Perhaps you’ve heard Austin’s mantra: Keep Austin Weird! I have lived in Austin since I was 8 years old, received my massage and esthetician training here, I pay taxes here, Austin is my home.

There are some amazingly talented (some even gifted) private independent massage therapists in Austin and they will always be your best choice in body work.

Keep Austin Massage Weird!

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, would you like to take a look at “Why “Best Austin Massage“” might be your best choice for massage therapy in Austin?

  • What Our Clients Say

    When In Austin and Feeling the Need for Travel Stress Relief, Best Austin Massage is the Solution.
    Whether you're a local dealing with the stress of life's daily hiccups or an occasional visitor to Austin feeling the stress of jet lag or hours of driving, there is only one Licensed Massage Therapist I highly recommend you go to for massage. KJP - Kimberly JensenParker. When it comes to ridding yourself of tension built up in your muscles and mind, for me, there are a few options: a getcha-by massage treatment, an acceptable massage and then there is a KJP Massage - 90 minutes of bliss, where muscle aches and stress magically disappear...she calls it intuitive massage - WORKS FOR ME :o)
    , California

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